How to Prepare Your Home For This Upcoming Spring

It’s time that time of the year again to start preparing to revivify a superb SPRING Home.

We all know the winter blue as a time of endless sleep-ins while curling up into a cozy blanket with a good book, having long hot bubble baths and if you’re lucky, be able to sleep next to a toasty fire.

However, now that spring is almost here, we can all kiss the winter chills goodbye and prepare for the beautiful season that exposes our home to more sunlight and brightens up our day.

So how do we spread the wrath of spring into our homes? 

Spring Clean

Your spring nook begins by throwing away the winter blues. Just simply;

  • Getting rid of the dust – Just using a duster to clean the ceilings, cupboards, and corners of a room won’t work. You’ll actually need to wipe, as dusting still leaves particles left in the air.
  • Cleaning the floors – For all hard floors, just simply dust and mop it. But for soft and mild floors get it professionally cleaned or vacuum it with special provide special treatment.
  • Washing – Remove, clean and replace all materials washable. That’ll really kickstart you into spring.

Rearrange furniture

Why not have a play around with the furniture? Be creative! Try an open planned rearrangement to expose more light and give your home a taste of spring. If you’re lost with an idea check out our Instagram (Via @Discoveryournook) for some inspiration.

New Decorations

With flowers blossoming this season, there’s no excuse to why you wouldn’t have any green in your house. The most effective way is to get a vase and fill it with fresh in season flowers. Hanging green pieces and a full wall of greenery is a trendy new statement. 

Another way to prepare yourself for this upcoming spring is to change the decor in your house. Head onto our website here and check out the spring decor we have available.

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