The Hottest Upcoming Home Décor Trends in Australia

Everyone takes immense pride in the appearance of their home, and many people use their home as a platform to express their personality. You can truly be creative when choosing the décor, and people have unique imaginations, styles and preferences. Some like a modern, clean, practical feel to their home, while others like a warm, homely, cottage-feel.


Despite the differences in styles, people usually take notice of the latest trends when it comes to home décor. You see, people love to keep up with the times and make their home the best that it can be. At the same time, people love to constantly change things; excitement comes from re-designing aspects of a home. So, this means that homeowners will always utilize trends to improve their décor.


Even those who have lived in the same property for decades and wish to retain the traditional side of their home can benefit from trends. For example, they may be in need of some new cushions, or some new wallpaper, and trends may well suit the original theme of their home. Anyway, we’re now coming to the end of 2017, so what are trend forecasters predicting for home décor in Australia in 2018?

Well, here they are…


Millennial Pink

People are currently obsessed with pink, and forecasters are saying it will be an upcoming trend for 2018 as well. You can give your home some vibrancy with pink textiles, accessories and paints that are accompanied with more mellow colours like grey or nude. However, bear in mind that forecasters also mentioned that pinks will eventually die out. So, that why it’s best to stick with textiles, accessories and paints that can be easily altered.



Metallic has been around for a while, and up until now copper and brass have been very prominent in the market. But, forecasters are predicting that silver metallic will begin to take over and be the favoured choice. Therefore, look into adding some silver metallic into your home décor.


Dark Wood

In 2018, you should definitely keep an eye out for darker woods like rosewood, walnut and mango wood. Also, Shou Sugi Ban charring techniques can offer you a fantastic blackened surface that would give your home a luxurious appearance.


Wabi Sabi

This upcoming trend will be great for those who love to create a homely feel within their house. Why? Because Wabi Sabi is the Japanese mantra of accepting imperfection and seeing it as a form of beauty. So, products that have been used, worn and been affected by the environment may look great in your home. Things such as used wood, which develops maturity and new layers of colour over time, would add character to your property.



Forecasters are predicting a continued rise in the popularity of organic materials and handcrafted products. I suppose it’s the idea of forging a closer connection to our precious planet. But, a nature-orientated home décor would definitely look amazing and provide you with some different!

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