Home & Design: 5 Easy & Affordable Kitchen Upgrades

There are only a handful of moments that are pillars of a life.Marriage, birth, graduation, and home ownership. With the state of the economy and the challenges millennials face, home ownership seems like a magical unicorn. Even those in a position to purchase a home find that what they can afford isn’t always ideal. Especially when it comes to the kitchen. But worry not, today I have a list of 5 easy and affordable kitchen upgrades that will make any renovation seem like a breeze.

1. Add dramatic lighting

There will be light! Adding a dramatic and stylish piece of lighting over a kitchen island can give the whole room a new feel. Plus, you’ll be able to see what is on your chopping block much easier… it’s a win-win!

2. Change the Backsplash

Admittedly, this is going to be the hardest project on the list. But the reward is worth the strife! Most homes have outdated backsplashes and giving yourself this task will instantly increase the value of your home. Pro Tip: Stay away from Subway tile! It’s trendy and already on it’s way out. Instead, go for something timeless like a mosaic herringbone mother of pearl…

3. Paint!
This category goes beyond the basics. Yes! You should absolutely update the wall paint. That is obvious. But here’s a few more things that could easily be upgraded with just a few layers of paint and a bit of elbow grease…

Paint the cabinets: Completely ripping out and replacing cabinets is crazy expensive. So if that’s not in the budget, then just pick up a cabinet makeover kit and get to painting!

Paint the countertops: Like the cabinets, replacing countertops is super expensive and usually must be custom cut to the kitchen. If that isn’t in the stars for you, then pick up some granite mineral paint to spruce up the countertops…

Paint the appliances: Let’s face it, by the time you’re done with a down payment, moving costs, and necessary renovations, there usually isn’t much room in the budget for new appliances. Trust me, I know from firsthand experience!!! So, until you can afford to upgrade the kitchen tech, don’t force yourself to look at gross white or black outdated appliances. Pick up a liquid stainless steel kit and paint them!

4. Upgrade the Hardware

Once you’re done painting, you do not want to neglect the important details. Here are two super easy upgrades that will put the cherry on top of your newly styled kitchen…

Kitchen sink faucet: Upgrade the likely outdated sink faucet with a decadent and stylish new one!

Cabinet Knobs & Handles: If you’re a DIY misfit, then this project is for you. Upgrade the kitchen cabinets’ knobs and handles. This is a super easy and fabulous way to give your kitchen a fresh look.

5. Splurge on some showpieces

Now that I’ve saved you a fortune by avoiding a complete kitchen renovation, here are two items I suggest you splurge one…

Kitchen Range: Nothing says luxury like a professional kitchen range and hood. You’ll have to shell out quite a bit of money for these beauties, but at least you didn’t need to get all new kitchen cabinets and countertops, right?!

Kitchen Island: If you have enough space, adding a mobile kitchen island is a fabulous way to bring together the final look of your new space. The options are limitless, but I suggest something with storage, practicality, and style…

If this all seems within range, then make sure to get a budget in order. Find out “How Much House I Can Afford and start the search! And remember, if the house is within your price range but the kitchen isn’t ideal, then you can use today’s list to help make your dreams come true. 

So, which of these kitchen upgrades would you start with? Shout it out below and let me know how your kitchen upgrades are going.

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