'Monochrome' 3D World Map Acrylic Artwork

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'Monochrome' 3D World Map Acrylic Artwork

Classification: For Tile
Classification: Window Stickers
Classification: For Wall
Material: Acrylic
Theme: Pattern
Style: Europe
Pattern: 3D Sticker
Specification: Multi-piece Package
Scenarios: Wall

  • S: 80 x 40 cm
  • M: 120 x 60 cm
  • L: 180 x 100 cm
  • ​XL: 230 x 120 cm
  • XXL: 280 x 140 cm


1. Check all things

2. Open the box, tile template paper

3. Fix the stencil plate on the wall where you want to stick

4. Tear the template paper along the dotted line

5. Stick the corresponding wall stickers on the hollow

6. After sticking all wall stickers, rip off the template paper and the protective films on the stickers

Pay attention:

Wall stickers need to be assembled by themselves, and the more complicated the wall is attached, the more troublesome it is. We will send you template paper and compact imposition acrylic wall stickers. You need to find the corresponding acrylic plate according to the template paper and paste it. This is a DIY process. For the convenience of transportation, we will divide some large-area wall stickers into several parts, I hope you understand.

There may have burnt marks on the back of the acrylic plate, which is left when cutting, but it will not leave traces on the front. Please do not use this to open disputes or bad reviews.

It should be noted that the compact imposition acrylic you received is not been typeset. If you are not afraid of trouble, you will feel happy and fulfilled because you decorate by yourself. If you are a person who is afraid of trouble and has no patience, then maybe you are not suitable for buying wall stickers, this wall stickers may not be what you want~

Note: This item on on pre-order and can take approximately 13-20 shipping days to be delivered.

'Monochrome' 3D World Map Acrylic Artwork
'Monochrome' 3D World Map Acrylic Artwork
'Monochrome' 3D World Map Acrylic Artwork

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