Founded by the dynamic brother and sister duo from the beautiful Sydney-Australia, Discover Your Nook has long been a labour of love for the both of them. Having personally attempted to search far and wide for the right decor to fill their own nooks, Rebecca and Gibson were constantly left disappointed, having to either choose from the mass production of discount department stores, or bespoke products that were so-expensive-your-wallet-hurt-looking-at-it. And so… they saw a gap in the market for on-trend and sophisticated, yet affordable products in the e-commerce space.

Together with their team, they are here to help you… Discover Your Nook 🙂

Chief Executive Nookie

Bec is the growth marketer and techy of the team, and a lover of interior design. She heads up the digital growth of DYN. Passionate and fuelled by the desire to one day flip her own home, she started up Discover Your Nook to help others do the same.

Chief Financial Nookie

Gibson loves number crunching. He handles the books as well as the procurement of DYN’s products. He might be a whizz with numbers, but the guy also has a knack when it comes to design, having a keen eye for upcoming trends! Need help finding something? Get in touch with him directly!

Chief Operations Nookie

Jen is our operations guru, who is passionate about spreading happiness and positivity, aiming solely to help everyone create their #HappyPlace to escape to. Her eye for detail and passion for design is a huge asset to our team.